Complete your marketing strategy with a Loyalty Program

Hassle-Free execution of end-to-end solution

From planning to execution, Rewardix helps you with everything under one roof.

Not all good things take time to build

Get a Loyalty Program up & running immediately; as we said it doesn’t take time to build great things.

Multiple Fulfillment

Our Loyalty Programs can be created on several mediums such as offline, on the web, and on-pack.

High on value Low on cost Rewards

Our selection of merchandise, entertainment or dining rewards deliver very high perceived value.

Customized fit for nurturing strategy

Our Loyalty Programs are well crafted which lets you delight the customers in the best possible way.

Do it the REWARDIX Way!

What Makes Rewardix Trusted globally?

  • Enhanced Loyalty Schemes with Event Based Triggers
  • Instant reward into Wallet & UPI
  • Omnichannel Registration & Loyalty Point Redemption
  • Digital & Card-based Loyalty Programs
  • Flexible Loyalty Program Schemes
  • Intuitive and Seamless Loyalty Card Management

Do it the REWARDIX Way!

Do it the REWARDIX Way!

  • A completely automated transfer via payment gateways and Complete transparency in redemption to reimbursement process.
  • Direct connect with end users via push notification in mobile app.
  • Flexibility to change coupons value region wise, area wise in real time.
  • Campaign and coupon lifecycle can be managed through a single platform. No extra man power required.

Our Value System

Obsessed with your success

We are intensely passionate and personally committed to the success of our clients, partners and the tech industry as a whole.

Love what we do

We love what we do, no kidding. We work with a focus, desire, and a relentless pursuit of create and provide the best products and services to our clients and partners.

Breathe innovation

We innovation and believe that anything and everything possible. We take risks while learning from our mistakes and one another.

Deliver on what we commit

We strive to put into action, Rewardix is built on a strong foundation of trust and integrity by being honest and transparent in everything we do.

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